Iron: A Story of Strength & Dignity From Which We All Could Learn

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There was nothing easy about Iron’s life, so named for his strength of will. Shattered and broken he came to the clinic to recover. But while this special cat never came back to full health, his life became filled with so much more. Love from his caretakers. A close friend. A warm place in the sun.

While this story will conjure tears, it also conjures hope, as well as appreciation for those people who take the time to care about the creatures others would simply toss aside. Iron’s is a lesson founded in faith and the belief that all animal life is to be valued.

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3 thoughts on “Iron: A Story of Strength & Dignity From Which We All Could Learn”

  1. Seeing and hearing this story of Iron is so heartbreaking…his soul is now free to fly?

  2. Watch Drop in the ocean – another stray cat to see Frog, another badly broken kitty saved by the same people who took in Iron. The thing that really grabs you is the character of Valia’s voice as she tells the story.

  3. Poor little guy. He was so broken, but never gave up.. I’m sure he knew he was loved until the end.. Wonderful people to help this little creature find peace.

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