Iris Update: Abused Kitten Inspires As She Continues Her Healing Journey

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Sweet Iris remains happy and playful in foster care and deals with a setback as she waits to be healthy enough to go to a loving forever home.

Beautiful Iris, the six month old kitten whose story story of  abuse, recovery and caring hearts we told in Iris Recovers from the Unthinkable on April 16 of this year, continues her healing journey with the support of kind hearts from around the world.

We had hoped to be able to report that she’d had her spay surgery and was ready to find lasting happiness in a forever home at this point but a recent setback has delayed those plans.

Caring Hillside SPCA spokeswoman Sylvia and tireless cat advocate and Iris supporter Suszan Rogers have shared the recent developments with those who have been Iris’ caring angels and loving friends, and, with their permission, we share those developments here.

Before getting to the updates, we will mention that it was Joyce Yoho who first saw and was affected by Iris’s story when she was found and it was discovered that she had been horribly violated. Joyce’s heart broke for poor Iris and she posted her picture three times before anyone seemed to notice or care. Suszan noticed and stepped in and, between the two women’s efforts, Iris’s circle of caring friends expanded and offered her love and prayers while actively raising money to help with her medical care.

A message from Sylvia (5/3/2011):

I just finished looking at and reading the beautiful “Iris Card” sent by Iris’s many wonderful supporters and friends. What beautiful, from the heart well wishes and prayers you have all sent to sweet, sweet Iris! I wiped a tear or two (well, more than that) from my eyes as I read everything. How very touching to think that a little grey kitty who appeared out of nowhere, and in dire need, could touch the hearts of so many, so deeply, both at home and across continents. Wow, it is absolutely awesome!

Update on Iris’ condition and status for those who have shown care and concern for her; for those who have sent their love and concern, their prayers, donations toward her care, and the special Iris Edition Milty Blanket:


Unfortunately, Iris still needs everyone’s prayers to help her through the bit of setback she’s going through. She does have a full blown urinary tract infection and has been on meds since Saturday. Poor, poor baby is so frustrated, having to pause ever so frequently with the “urge” to urinate. In spite of that, her life goes on, with foster mom trailing after her as she bats her toys, or jumps up and down everywhere she can, mom dabbing up any little wet spots that may escape her. When Iris is in her private space, she uses the litter box frequently, but prefers to be out and about. Foster mom has her so very spoiled and does not like to hear her meowing to get out of her room; so out comes Iris!

She is showing signs of improvement though; the most important being her urine is no longer pink. Hurray! We are all so anxious for her to get over this, get spayed, and go to live the good life in the really, really great home that is awaiting her.

How very touching to think that a little grey kitty who appeared out of nowhere, and in dire need, could touch the hearts of so many, so deeply, both at home and across continents. Wow, it is absolutely awesome! The outpouring was beyond what we ever expected.

I and our cat room staff (who only saw her for one day), our wonderful vet, and everyone at Hillside SPCA send our sincerest thanks and love to all of you. Iris’s vet bills are being taken care of, with some to spare for another needy kitty. (I hope we never need to use it.)

Everyone has been so very wonderful through all of this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and so does Iris!

Sylvia & Iris

We continue to follow Iris’ healing journey with great interest and concern and hope our next report will be on the happy resolution we all want to see. We will keep her in our thoughts until then, along with all the anonymous kitties who face their own challenges and journeys. Please take a moment to send her your good thoughts, too.

Iris’ specially embroidered Milty blanket

15 thoughts on “Iris Update: Abused Kitten Inspires As She Continues Her Healing Journey”

  1. I cried when I read up a little about what was done to this poor sweet little girl. How can someone be justified in hurting a kitty in such a way that was done to her when cats do NOTHING to bother you, ecept love on you all day. I am heartbroken!! 🙁 I will take her into my home now.

  2. I am still praying for Iris every day. I am incredibly grateful for all the people who helped Iris with donations and prayers. I expect a miracle for Iris.

  3. Hi Iris. You are in my prayers every day. I am expecting a miracle for you. Your abuse touched the hearts and souls of so many people. Your healing is our healing. I love you.

  4. Hi Iris! When I read about your story from my friend, Joyce, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. You and your caregivers are in my prayers and I just know that you are going to be okay. Who would have thought that a tiny precious kitty could be such an inspiration to so many people! Love and prayers to you!

  5. I am gobsmacked that you mentioned my name in your story. I am a very humble person and my motivation is to advocate for animals everywhere, although there is a very special place in my heart for cats, particularly blue cats, and, more particularly, Iris.

    To be honest, none of this would have happened so quickly without a plea from my friend, Joyce, on Facebook. I had read Iris’ story and I was shattered. Joyce posted on Facebook that she was similarly distressed by Iris’ story and I knew I had shake myself off and help both of them. I am very grateful to Joyce for this ‘wake up call’.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who loves Iris and has sent prayers and healing thoughts for her here and on her Prayer & Paw Circle, donations for her care, shared in making sure she had her cozy Milty blanket to snuggle in (and she IS a great snuggler so Sylvia tells me!) and especially to Hillside SPCA, her first foster Mum, her vet and, of course, Sylvia.

    Thank you also to Karen and Life With Cats for telling Iris’ story so sensitively and positively. I am sure it will have a ‘happy ending’.

  6. I also want to thank everyone who helped Iris. Iris has been an inspiration to so many people. I think the horror of her type of abuse touched people in such a deep place, that their hearts, minds and souls were all affected by her story. Iris is a kitty who represents the love and care and ability to heal that we all yearn and pray for. She is an inspiration to me on my own healing journey. I love you Iris. I know that many more miracles are on their way to you. Love, Joyce and Icy

  7. I am praying Iris continues on her healing journey. Big thank you to all involved in her recovery.

  8. Thank you for update on Iris. I have posted this and another post from Life With Cats on my Facebook profile. I am still praying for Iris every day. She is always in my thoughts and knowing that she is healing and will eventually get adopted is a miracle that I know is going to happen. I’m sure her abuse caused many people to feel the pain of something that may have happened to them when they were young and helpless. If we can help one other person, child or animal then our life and our own pain has meaning. The Oneness of God and the Universe is that if one person, child or animal is healed and loved, then we are all being healed and loved. Those are my beliefs.

  9. Dear sweet Iris, I pray you keep getting better and that whoever did this unspeakable horror to you is caught and punished. You are an inspiration to us all with your strength, courage and healing … God bless you, little darling xxxx

  10. I am praying for Iris’s full recovery and healing! Our family donated what we could to help with her vet care and our hearts broke to read how she was violated by someone masquerading as a “human being”!!
    She deserves a good life without bladder pain, and I hope those who screen potential adopters place her in a quiet home without small children or dogs because I believe with my cat experience, she needs the peace and quiet life now. Maybe a playmate with a gentle disposition would be nice too!
    And, lots of treats, good food, love and cuddles, sleeping with whoever is blessed to have her.
    I soo hope she heals completely now, and she can live a full life with good people who care about her…I despise whoever harmed her and wish only bad things on them…We need stricter laws to punish those who harm ANY animals like this!! shame on them…..I hope they are caught and punished in every way possible!!

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