Iris Gets Her Forever Home: A Story’s Happy Ending

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Finally, the longed-for day has come. Iris, who had something very bad happen to her at 6mo., and who recovered with the help of good people and love from all over the world, has finally gone to her loving forever home.

Iris’ story is one of love, that is for sure, and it is a story of the power of friendships (old and new), and inspiration too. She has inspired many people to do what they can, when they can and even to go the extra mile for her.

Suszan Rogers

As Suszan states so beautifully, Iris has brought many hearts together to try to help one little cat who was terribly wronged, and to show her the best of humanity after she’d experienced the worst.  The young grey cat who has been the object of much interest in recent months has reached the point in her healing journey where she is finally ready for her story’s much deserved happy ending. She has finally left foster care and gone to live with her forever family.

Iris, looking great, lounging on the balcony at her foster home this spring.

Iris, the beautiful Russian Blue cat from our story Iris Recovers from the Unthinkable and a followup, was found alone and suffering on someone’s back doorstep in Pennsylvania earlier this year. She had been brutally violated with an unknown object. She was taken to Hillside SPCA, a wonderful, caring shelter in Pottsville PA, where she was provided with the best medical care and the warmth and healing power that comes from good and loving hearts.

When cat lover Joyce Yoho, far away in Michigan, saw an obscure news item on Iris her heart ached for the abused kitty and she was compelled to share her heartache and concern. Joyce reached out on Facebook, posting Iris’s ordeal three times before people took note. Passionate animal advocate Suszan Rogers recognized Joyce’s feelings of pain and powerlessness and helped shape what became an international movement to gather support and send love and prayers to the cruelly treated little girl, to give thanks to Hillside and Iris’ special advocate and public liason there, Sylvia Nabholz, and, spontaneously, to send donations for Iris’ care, and to present her with a special, comforting Milty blanket.

Among those who helped Iris are veterinarian Dr. Alyssia Deaven of Greys and Strays, who Sylvia says ministered to Iris with supreme compassion, and Iris’ foster mom.

After some residual issues with urinary leakage and minor UTI delayed Iris’ spay surgery and then her release to her forever home, as she visited a specialist and received treatment, the joyous occasion has finally come. Just this week, Iris has finally gone to live with her specially chosen, loving new family in her forever home.

Iris’ pet parents Lisa and Andy are well suited and well chosen by Hillside. They have extensive experience making loving homes for specially-abled pets, and they adopt those with special needs exclusively. The photo of Lisa and Iris at the top of the page really says all we need to know about whether this is a good match, we think.

Here are happy updates on Iris’ homecoming, one from her good friend and advocate, Sylvia, and one from Lisa, her new mom.

Sylvia: Iris is finally home!! Lisa and her husband Andy fell in love with Iris the instant they met. It took Iris all but a minute to snuggle up to them, and the union was formed. How very lucky Iris is to have found her forever home! This fabulous couple are softies when it comes to handicapped or needy cats. The more needy an animal, the more they want to help. They are determined to do what it takes to make Iris a happy, balanced cat. The trauma Iris endured at the hands of that depraved individual three months ago, left her scarred both physically and emotionally. Since Iris is so loving, affectionate and trusting, we believe her emotional scars are healing. Her physical problem will be an ongoing challenge, but she is now part of a family that will pamper and love her no matter what!

Lisa: Iris is getting comfortable in her new surroundings making them her own.  She has her own bedroom, that she retreats into when she feels scared, but she is roaming the house and discovering it.  I slept with her the past two nights and all she wanted to do was play, play,play.  She makes me feel like a kid again, laughing and rolling on the floor with her.  I took a couple of days off from work so Iris would not be alone in her new surroundings.  I wanted the transition for her to be a smooth one.  She still has some bladder leakage but we have hardwood floors that wipe up easy.  I noticed that when she gets excited, startled, or scared by an unfamiliar noise, she leaks.  Hopefully, as her muscles get stronger, the problem will resolve itself.

We are very happy to make this report and have waited for this good news along with Iris’ many supporters. All told, Iris’ journey from a little kitty who was hurt and alone, to the object of concern and well-wishes from across the miles, to happy and normal housecat with a loving family has taken about four months. We wish her and her family well.

Iris, earlier this year.


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  1. Iris’s story broke my heart — and now I’m delighted to hear that she’s going to have a loving home with people who will be glad to take care of her. <3

  2. A beautiful ending to such a horrible story. Iris deserves all the love and care that her new parents will give her. She is truely in good hands.

  3. This happy ending for Iris makes my day. i have thought about her since reading her story. So thankful for her Human Parents Who adopted her on a permanent basis. How can i send / share this story with other “Cat People” via-e-mail ?

  4. What an incredible outcome. I prayed so hard for a miracle for Iris and I believe that a miracle happened. Thank you for writing this article about Iris. It’s amazing how many people made this happen. I don’t feel like I have the words to accurately describe my feelings, but love and gratitude are part of what I am feeling. I hope Iris’s mommy and daddy will continue to let us know how she is doing. This little kitty and her story grabbed my heart and would not let go. I love you Iris.

  5. What a beautiful girl! After reading some other horror stories about recent animal abuse right now I’m a little apprehensive about reading the story of her abuse, but I can understand the gist of what happened to her. I’m really happy that she is on the mend and has found her forever home! I wish her and her new parents many years of joy!

  6. Hi Nancy,
    We did not feel it necessary to say any more about the incident in any of our stories on Iris than we did here. Our interest all along has been in her recovery and how her story touched people and brought them together to help her. 🙂

  7. I can’t even begin to relate just how wonderful the people of Hillside are – there just isn’t enough space here. Thank God Iris is home at last. She’s so adorable.

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