Intimidation of LasVegas Kitten Drownings Witness Brings Case Back to Court

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Las Vegas, Nevada resident Christine Ohm is back in the news, along with the case that stemmed from a kitten drowning incident she reported to police in June. Christine saw two teens drowning a pair of newborn kittens in a glass of water, took a photo, and reported the crime. She also spoke out publicly concerning the case and her desire for justice to be served, despite threats and the fact that  she would have to live near the perpetrators’ families and possibly suffer retribution. The animal cruelty incident took place in her next door neighbor’s back yard, and one of the teens is the neighbor’s son. When the case went to court and was resolved in July, the teens and the neighbor were prohibited from having contact with or intimidating the witness. Christine has reported incidents of intimidation since August, and those reported incidents have been covered by the local news media.

According to the ktnv channel 13 video report below, the district attorney is filing a new motion in the case based on Ohm’s reports of witness intimidation and obstructing justice. Until this development, it appeared that little was being done to restore Christine’s feelings of safety and security in her own home. The father’s actions cold result in a contempt of court charge and even jail time. There is a court date set for October 10 to deal with the continuing harassment and intimidation.

“I will never be a witness to anything ever again in my life. I don’t care if I see a murder in front of me. I would never say a word, and that’s what this is sending to other people,” Christine said in September, after enduring weeks of harassment and intimidation. She has not yet backed down from seeking help from the media and the court, in the hope that she can get her life back after calling police and reporting a crime, and speaking out about the incident to the press.

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  1. Don’t the parents realize that this kind of behavior from their son could lead to much worse. It sounds like both the parents and the son could use some help before this happens.

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