Instagram Cat Lover Makes Style Statement

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(Picture: @laserb.kate/Instagram)

It’s called the rainbow cat undercut and it’s turning heads. Russian Instagram user Katichka recently posted some photos of herself with a cat head design or tattoo shaved into her hair, colored blue, and concealed beneath longer pink tresses.

(Picture: @laserb.kate/Instagram)

According to Katichka, it’s her way of keeping her beloved sphynx cat close, wherever she goes. “I always take my sleepy cat with me,” reads the message with the photo.

(Picture: @laserb.kate/Instagram)

The style follows a trend called hair tatoos, which feature an image or pattern shaved into an undercut beneath the hair at the back of the head. Katichka, or @laserb.kate is a serious cat mom who likes to post photos of her kitty, a small black and white sphynx. She enjoys composing feline inspired still-life shots and also wears cat-inspired clothing.

(Picture: @laserb.kate/Instagram)

The hair stylist who helped Katichka get her look is St. Petersburg-based Alya Askarova, according to You don’t have to shave feline-inspired designs into your hair to show your love for your cat, but we’re all in favor of making it hip to be a crazy cat lady.

(Picture: @laserb.kate/Instagram)

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