Inside a Hoarder’s Home

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A Rotterdam NY woman assists the Schenectady County SPCA, in the video below, made yesterday, as they remove 34 cats and dogs from her home and make the video record of the filthy environment the animals are kept in. Other than animal waste everywhere, other disturbing sights are the dog’s severe fur loss, a cat with a weepy eye, and a group of cats all scratching their fleas.

“I’m an animal lover; an animal lover that couldn’t get any help.” said the woman who kept the animals in terrible filth and covered in fleas. It is not uncommon for hoarders to make such statements, or to say they were just about to take care of problems before their animals were taken away.

An anonymous tip to the SPCA earlier this week brought about the raid. Michele Regels kept the animals in a house passed down from her grandfather and said she was relieved to have the SPCA step in. A representative of the SPCA  noted Ms. Regels cooperative and friendly attitude and said that contributed to a lesser charge of one misdemeanor animal cruelty charge, punishable by a maximum of one year of jail time, a $1,000 fine, or 3 years probation. The woman is thought to have started with a few animals and then gotten in over her head.  There is no explanation given for the degree of filth, which points to the hoarder mentality.

Ms, Regels lived in the garage, while the animals stayed in the feces encrusted house. The house has been condemned, and the cats will be made available for adoption.

2 thoughts on “Inside a Hoarder’s Home”

  1. How can we let that person call herself an “animal lover”? That is horrible. Poor dog. Poor cats. I am glad that it wasn’t more animals. Hoarders are just horrible and they should be punished to the fullest.

  2. poor animals.Hoarding is a sickness and hoarders should not be punished fully as it is a well known mental problem. this woman at least did not have that many. but they should be punished monetarily and must have mandatory psycological help. Have you not seen the tv program on Animal Planet about hoarders? now that is an OMG program. people with hundreds of cats and/or dogs. it is truly sad. and most people who do this do not even think they are doing anything wrong. I have seen dogs with such bad cases of mange i.e no hair left on their bodies and dogs with 4-5 pounds of matt. and that they had to be put so sleep as there was no cure for the mangey ones.

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