Inmates Volunteer at Rescue Shelter

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In a joint effort between a Missouri animal shelter and the local sheriff’s department, jail inmates are volunteering as part of their work-in-custody program.

When approached about the possibility last march, The New Nodaway Humane Society Board of Directors liked the idea because it would help their budget and the inmates would gain helpful skills and work experience that may serve them in later job searches.

“These are people who are serving (time for) minor offenses,” Nodaway County Sheriff Darren White said. “People who have a DWI or bad-check offense who will be released soon are the only prisoners allowed to volunteer.”

Tuesday through Friday, the few detainees selected for the program are busy cleaning cages, washing pet dishes and feeding and grooming the dogs and cats. Each day one inmate is assigned to the cat rooms and the other helps in the dog rooms. The program comes at the perfect time because volunteer numbers at the shelter have been declining and the student volunteers from Missouri State have now left for summer break.

“With the help from the inmates we are able to get our routine cleaning as well as some long-due deep cleaning accomplished,” shelter manager Cindy Nelson said.

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  1. They need to use inmates to help ALL the so called Cat Sanctuarys out there so they aren’t overwhelmed and become hoarding situations~! Yea, I think it”s a great idea~! :*)

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