Injured kitten Itty is rescued and gets help

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Staff at a California beach community business rescued an injured kitten and helped get her much needed medical care.

Rescuers Vince and Emily, of Avila Beach Paddlesports in Avila Beach, California found the kitten outside their business on Sunday and took her for medical care. They knew the kitten was not in the best of shape when they found her but learned she had been seriously injured when she was examined and had x-rays at the vet. Among the injures were several fractures and a punctured lung. The rescuers gave the go-ahead for the kitten, called Itty, to get all of the medical care needed to help her heal. They set up a gofundme page and have so far raised nearly half of the money needed for the kitten’s care. Some of the donations have been made to through the gofundme page, and others have been hand delivered to the veterinary hospital.

Itty has already had surgery, which has saved her injured leg.

Excerpts from the gofundme page, “Stray Kitten Injured by Car Engine,” tell much of the story:

December 7: This morning I pulled into work early to decorate our shop for Christmas. As I drove through the parking lot, I noticed a tiny kitten curled up on the ground underneath a truck. I left notes on the trucks in the parking lot just in case this little kitten belonged to someone and accidentally took a ride in their truck. No one has come forward to claim her and due to her poor physical condition (fleas and a mild upper respiratory infection), she is likely a stray.

I took her to the Pismo Beach Veterinary clinic to be examined. This little girl is pretty beat up, but still in good spirits. She has a severely fractured femur, fractured pelvis, and a few fractured ribs. And all of this, believe it or not, does not necessarily mean the end of the” road” for her. The vet said that kittens that are this young can heal from some of the worst circumstances. However, this will not happen on its own. She will need surgery.

She is now resting comfortably at the vet. She’s receiving fluids, being treated for fleas, and receiving pain medication. I will be transfering her to a 24 hour care center so she can be monitored over night. If her condition seems to be improving after 24 hours, then she may be a good candidate for surgery and treatment.

December 8: OK Team Kitten! Just got the update from the Central Coast Pet Hospital & ER. Kitten is doing great and going into surgery today between 3 and 6 pm. They are going to realign the broken femur with either internal pins or an external stabilizing device. Pismo Beach Vet Clinic has generously donated $200 to the cost of the surgery.

Any funds raised that exceed the cost of treatment will be used to get little kitty spayed and vaccinated and send her off to her adopted home with a cat care package (food, flea control,etc.). If we raise money beyond the cost of the medical care, spaying, and care package, we will donate the rest of the money to a local non-profit cat rescue organization.

December 9: Check out the new video upadate of “Itty.” We had a chance to stop by and visit her today at the pet hospital. She made it through surgery like a champ! She’s happy and friendly and trying to walk around already! Such a sweet little kitten. Thanks to a dose of Benadryl, Em [,who is allergic,] was able to give Itty a little love. Thanks so much for all the donations, everyone! We’re almost halfway there! You all ROCK!

You can find updates on Itty at the Avila Beach Paddlesports Facebook page, and yo can get more detail on her story at the gofundme page and its updates.

Itty and Emily in today’s video update:



Itty, looking pretty poorly when found


Looking much better after a couple of days in care

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