Injured Kitten Gets Much Needed Help and Finds a Home

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An injured Toledo, OH kitten was rescued, got much needed medical care, and found a home, thanks to some Good Samaritans.

When this very sweet looking little ginger kitten was found with an injured, infected and infested leg near Ottawa Hills High School in Toledo earlier this month, WTVG 13 abc engineers Steve Pietras and Jason Klocko helped with the rescue and rushed the kitten to Shoreland Animal Hospital in Point Place.

Channel 13 shared kitty’s story on the news last week and spoke with Dr. Shawn Brown, who owns the animal hospital with his wife.

“His back right hind leg was broken, and it was filled with worms [maggots]. Thanks to the kindness of my wife, who is one of the vets here, he was rushed into surgery and we worked to try to get him back on track,” said Dr. Brown. “His prognosis is very good. He is getting around well and his mobility is good and he seems to be a pretty happy camper.”

Shoreland Animal Hospital wrote at Facebook on July 16th, the day the story made the news, “Male kitten brought in July 8th as a stray with a possible broken leg. It was discovered that there was a wound on the leg and that maggots had infested it!! Dr Riker quickly began the process of treatment and unfortunately he lost his leg. We are caring for him currently and believe he has a home already!”

Knowing there was likely to be a clamor to adopt the little rescue, who had already found a home, channel 13 showed viewers footage of a Mama cat and her babies also being cared for by the animal hospital, and invited them to adopt the cat and kittens when they are ready for their forever homes. Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports

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