Injured Kitten Gets Help Thanks to Good Samaritan and a Caring Community

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“Just this once, I want to have an opportunity to, first hand, show compassion that humanity is capable of. “

Jennifer Parton

Posters, a Facebook appeal, and a feature on a local news broadcast raised money to pay for surgery to help an injured kitten found on the side of a road.

Jennifer Parton, of Christiansburg, VA found the small kitten in the median of Route 220 in Franklin County. She stopped to help and discovered the kitten had severe injuries and an open wound.  She took the kitten to the small animal hospital at Virginia Tech for care. Vets at the hospital advised that surgery be undertaken as soon as possible, but because Jennifer had signed a paper stating she was not the responsible party, a funds and a caretaker needed to be found.

Jennifer told WSLS news before the surgery, “Vets tell us after a more-detailed examination, this is the situation – both hind legs are affected – left hind leg must be amputated, the right leg has a fracture at the growth plate at the knee and requires cross-pins to repair this- there is a chance that this fracture may not heal properly, and the kitten may not have full use of his remaining hind leg. ”

The kitten has had surgery, and is reportedly doing well. A post at the Funds for Kitten Facebook page this morning said, “Kitten is very well this morning! I have not seen him yet, but have been told that he did well through the night in ICU, and that he is taking food well, and is peeing and pooping – which is a very good sign! He is still on antibiotics and pain medicine, and we do not have a release time yet, but we do have a FOSTER! Amy is just one of the many angels that have been caring for this little guy, and she has agreed to foster him! I am deeply grateful to all who have had a hand in this, for all the prayers and support, and for Amy! Blessings for all!”

Jennifer told the full story in at the Facebook page set up to gain support for the kitten, saying:

I was driving home from a funeral for my uncle when I found a severely injured kitten on 220 in Franklin County … I saw a little head with triangle ears poking over the tall grass in the median just south of 919 before Boones Mill. Had I blinked, I would have driven by as everyone else had. I turned around to try to find him. As I picked him up, I noticed the tip of his nose had a little dried blood on it, but I quickly discovered worse … his paw on his left hind leg was missing, most of the remaining leg bone was sticking out, and the hide from his leg muscles was partially removed.

I scooped him up, and he tucked under my chin and started purring….. PuRrInG of all things!!! This kitten has one hell of a will to live and survive – I wrapped a blanket around him, and placed him in a box … and even with his bone exposed, he was climbing out of the box to get into my lap. Since I live in Christiansburg, I took him to a small animal hospital at the Virginia/Maryland School of Veterinary Medicine located at Virginia Tech. He is a stray, so I had to sign over my “rights” to this kitten, stating that he was found and not my pet so I wouldn’t be financially responsible for any treatment and services. I didn’t think this little guy could be saved because of the extent of his injuries, but I couldn’t leave him to die alone and scared – I thought euthanizing him would be better.

A preliminary report from the vet on duty says that this kitten has probably been injured for 1 to 2 weeks – WEEKS, not days – based on the stage of wound healing – that’s right … this wound is healing. He is skinny, dehydrated, there is no sign of major infection, but has lost a lot of blood, and the injury is so severe that they will most likely have to amputate his injured leg.

BUT, she said, she chose NOT to euthanize this little life because he is alert, active, taking food and water, and is purring in spite of his pain… and I think she has a soft spot for cute little kittens. She said she was going to clean him up, make him comfortable, and observe him through the night.If he survives, he will have to go before a board of vets Monday morning (October 15th) to determine if they will do the surgery he needs to live. They will only do the surgery if someone agrees to pay for it upon adoption.

However, he will be euthanized if no one steps up to adopt him within 3 THREE days. The vet on duty informed me that costs involved could be upward of a 1-2 thousand dollars. This is NOT something we can afford alone. This kitten has survived alone for possibly 1-2 weeks with these severe injuries, and now he has a chance to survive, but without someone to “sponsor” him, he will be euthanized.

I have 2 cats of our own, and I’m not even sure how they will take to an injured kitten, but I am hoping to raise money to help this kitten get the surgery he needs, and if he doesn’t end up in our home, then I would like to find a home for him. I – and my family – are asking for donations to help fund this surgery and possible amputation. I am asking for 4 things … compassion, kindness, forward this to your friends, and yes money …. And we only have 3 days or less.

Kindest and Warmest Regards,
Jennifer, Gabrielle, Grace, Aidan, and James Parton

The Facebook page was created yesterday, October 16, the same day at WSLS channel 10 broadcast their first story on the kitten. A followup story from today reported on the great outpouring of help and support for the kitten.

Today’s broadcast feature, that discusses the success of the appeal to help the kitten:


The original broadcast story:


Anyone interesting in contributing to the kitten’s care can find the needed information at the appeal’s Facebook page, which we’ve linked to above.


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