Indy’s Story: Cat Adopted By Soldiers Will Not Be Left Behind

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Indy was befriended by soldiers stationed in Qatar. They couldn’t bear to leave him behind, so, with help, they are taking him back home with them.

Here is Indy’s story as told at the ChipIn page for the transport fundraiser set up for him by Nowzad. As of July 15, the ChipIn had reached 97% of its goal.

Meet Indy. Indy has a special story…

Indy befriended soldiers on a base on Qatar a while ago and very soon it became clear to them that they couldn’t leave him behind when they left.

Indy’s soldiers desperately needed help to co-ordinate the effort to rescue him and get him to the states so they reached out to Nowzad and although our mission is in Afghanistan we could not say no.

Indy’s story below in his soldiers own words

‘I first met Indy at the beginning of my deployment at the end of April of this year. He would hang out outside the base chow hall (called the independence dining facility, which is how he got his name). The first few days I saw him he had a bit if a limp in one of his front paws. I immediately felt bad for him. Being a big cat lover, I did all that I thought I could at the time and I would feed him. The more I fed him, the more I realized he didn’t always care about the food, in fact, most of the time, he just wanted attention from me. It took me a while to warm up to him since he was a feral cat in a foreign country, but once I did, I knew I had to do more to help him. I contacted everyone I could about getting him help. I was lucky enough to get in touch with QVC and a couple of others in Qatar and Nowzad Dogs. It was very difficult if not impossible to coordinate the logistics of getting Indy off the base, but luckily I ended up getting help from a fellow soldier deployed with me. The more time he spent with Indy, the more he realized she had to adopt him.

The main challenge was getting him off base and we assumed raising the money to get him home would be simple, but it seems to not be.

The rescue was a pretty dramatic one after so much time, energy and emotion went into his rescue. The stars pretty much aligned on a very warm Independence Day morning, and Indy was a trooper the whole time, just because we were there to pet him.’

Indy is now at QVC [Qatar Veterinary Center] in Qatar where he is receiving his shots, getting neutered and being boarded until he has reached his 30 day point when he can fly home.

Because Indy is taking up much needed space we need to really push the effort to have him funded by 7 August 2012 so he can go home.


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