Indy, Cat Adopted by US Soldier in Qatar, is Headed Home

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We shared Indy’s Story: Cat Adopted By Soldiers Will Not Be Left Behind on July 15. American soldiers who had befriended the cat in Qatar couldn’t bear to leave him behind so, with help, made plans to have him travel to the US to rejoin one of them. The soldiers reached out to Nowzad, which usually works at rescue in Afganistan, to help run a ChipIn to pay for Indy’s transport.

After a difficult effort getting him off the base, Indy was transferred to the Qatar Veterinary Center, a New Zealand owned veterinary medical practice that plays an important role in rescue and international adoption of animals from Qatar. During his 30 day holding period boarding at QVC before he was able to fly to the US, which ended up going a bit longer than 30 days, Indy was neutered and had his shots while getting lots of attention from the staff.

Now Indy is headed to his new home.  Qatar Veterinary Center’s Facebook page posted the photo seen here, along with this update written from Indy’s point of view:

I have PACKED MY BAGS, licked ALL the Qatar Veterinary Center staff goodbye and am flying out to meet up with my GORGEOUS AMERICA SOLDIER!!!
It has been a crazy few months involving Lots of LOVE, a smidgen of smuggling, loads of begging, oodles of kissing, untold planning, limitless licking, and never-ending HOPE.
I couldn’t have booked my tickets and paid my way without NOWZAD in the UK; they are AWESOME and help cats like me move out of the Middle East and into the homes of the soldiers that find us and fall in LOVE. I couldn’t have flown without Erica Haviland; her Brother in Law is in Iraq so she has a special place in her heart for soldiers and the cats they LOVE.

I have licked all the blood, sweat and tears off the QVC staff; it has been a long hot summer for them and they get to see a lot of sad stuff; I like to think that I made them happier. Thank you to the people who donated to help care for me and those that believed in me and the posts that QVC made to beg for help on my behalf. AND Thank You to my Two Gorgeous American soldiers who risked their careers to smuggle me off the US base in QATAR so that I could move to AMERICA and live the DREAM.


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