Indoor Cat Back home After 40ft. Fall and 2 Weeks Lost Outside

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The Scottish SPCA has reunited an adventurous cat with her Edinburgh owner after she spent two weeks in hiding following a 40ft fall from a fourth floor balcony.

The SPCA was called to rescue one-year-old Cheeky when her distraught owner, Lawrence Fraser, 29, of Carmichael Place, discovered that she had escaped through an open patio door.

Lawrence originally thought Cheeky had scrambled up onto the roof but Animal Rescue Officer Connie O’Neill checked from a neighboring building and the cat was nowhere to be seen.

Lawrence searched day and night to find Cheeky, putting up more than 200 posters around the local area and enlisting the help of friends and neighbors.

Finally, almost two weeks after Cheeky first went missing a neighbor spotted the elusive cat at her back door. However, Cheeky was too scared to come close enough to be caught so Lawrence contacted us again and we set a trap.

Three nights later (Sat 18 August) Cheeky was finally caught and reunited with her relieved owner.

ARO Connie said, “We’re really happy Cheeky is now back home with her owner after what must have been a very worrying ordeal.

“This was the first time Cheeky had ever been outdoors. She was clearly petrified after her fall, but thankfully hunger led her to the trap and she is now safe and well.

“Lawrence clearly loves his pet very much and went to great lengths to find her. We’re really glad all his efforts have paid off.”

Lawrence said, “I’m so happy to have Cheeky home and she hasn’t left my side since, she’s even sleeping cuddled up next to me in bed.

“I took her to the vet and the only injury she’s got from the fall is a chipped tooth. She’s also lost weight from being outdoors on her own but she’s making up for it by wolfing down four meals a day.

“I think she has learnt her lesson now, she’s had quite an adventure.”


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