Incredible Cat Rescue Uses Camera on Toy Truck

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(Hope For Paws)

Problem: how to get a mother cat and newborn kittens out of a 60-foot drain pipe? Not so simple. But the never-say-die crew at Hope For Paws pulled it off. You’ll be amazed to see how.

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The Los-Angeles based rescuers usually help dogs, but this time it was a mother cat and kittens in a tight spot. They performed a quick on-site reconnaissance and decided they need the right tools to get the job done.

They came back the next day ready to go to work. Using a camera taped to a remote control car and a flashlight, they were able to monitor the rescue operation, one phase of which included using a pole wrapped with a towel to gently push the kittens to the end of the drain pipe where rescuers were waiting.

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Mom cat and her kittens were taken home by one of the Hope for Paws crew who will foster them.

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To learn more about Hope For Paws and their work, click here. To inquire about adopting one of these little furballs, go to the Room 8 Cats website.

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