Ice, Ice, Baby!

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Ice makes everything better on a hot summer day!

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  1. Now that’s a kitty having fun with water. What a beautiful cat. Does anyone know what breed of cat? I’ve never seen a cat with markings like that.

  2. It is probably an Ocelot, or similar wild cat. I hope this animal isn’t somebodies pet because wild animals need to be in the wild, and there are more then enough common domestic cats in need of a home. >^,,^<

  3. Servals should NOT be kept as pets….look at website to see why…now these elegant creatures that should be in the wild are in “prison” the rest of their lives.

  4. I just did some research and it says that Serval Cats are wild cats from Africa. I couldn’t find anything about a hybrid Serval. The Bengal Cat is a hybrid of the Asian Leopard Cat. If it’s a Serval, it will grow to twice the size of a domestic cat. If anyone can anymore information, please post it. I’m just curious.

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