I Think I’d Prefer Not To Go For A Walk On The Leash, Thank You

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“Why don’t we get up and walk, Patch?” Because “we” don’t want to, that’s why! Patch’s pet parents give the leash and harness a try but Patch wins this round. How, you ask? Watch.

Cat Hates Leash

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  1. Not gonna lie. I have a leash and harness for my cat. she loves it! If you move the leash (Which is hanging in my basement stairwell) she goes nuts. then she procedes to bolt to the front door. she enjoys the harness because that means she gets to go outside. I don’t actually walk her tho. i pretty much just follow her around the yard. 🙂

  2. I had to laugh watching this video, because the cats reaction is so like what my cat did, except he fought me trying to get it on,(the harness I mean) and he rubbed it off a day later and wouldn’t let me get near him to put the harness back on again, so in our house it was Cat won, harness lost!

  3. I was laughing so loud at this video. I’ve tried to put a harness and leash on all of my kitties and they have the same reaction, including just laying down with all 4 paws sicking out. The refuse to move. Very funny video. I would love to walk my cats on a leash.

  4. My Siouxsie loves to go out for walks on a leash. I never imagined she would, but she begs me every weekend. 🙂

  5. The cats that I had trained to a leash years ago, both were started on a leash when much older, including the one that won grand champion in a cat obedience show in Spokane, WA. But they were special, since most of my cats over the years would not use a leash.

  6. I got my Maggie used to the leash (harness) by keeping it on her for a few days then attachinbg the lead and at first she did like patch but then she got used to it and now walking is a treat..

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