8 thoughts on “I herd cats for real”

  1. Good for you! I’m a true believer that cats CAN be trained. I’m always disappointed when I see mugs, plazues, etc. that reads, “Cats Have Staff”….etc. If you learn how to communication with them, they are so receptive to our desires. Anyway….one of the things I taught my 10 year old cats, was to open the ‘unlatched’ door on her own, so I do not have to let her in and out all the time. Those that followed learned by watching her.

  2. Hi Marie-Lynn. Sorry you got beaten up because I posted your video. I thought it was pretty impressive that you got the cats to cooperate with their routine. I’m not sure what may have happened to your other comment. I never saw it.

  3. I’m the person who said it was sad that they don’t sleep with you. I stand by my statement, I understand your “why”. I’ve learned to sleep through and train my cats not to bug me when I’m sleeping.

    I never said it was a closet, I figured it was a basement. Houses back east are built with them. Here on the west coast you don’t see too many.

    My ex-boyfriends parents lock their cat up at night also, I still think it’s sad for the cat. I really can’t imagine what Monkey (my 9 month old kitten) would sound like if I tried to lock them up at night… Goodness, heaven forbid!

    So there you go, and I’m still not going to like the post.

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