I Don’t Want To Go To The Vet!: A Cat’s Eye View

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Nissa and Merlin go for their annual visit to the vet’s. They think this is a really bad idea and they have their own video camera.

The cats now have their own video camera. Beau and Nissa are learning to use it first. Their adventures in feline videography are documented in the Cockamamie Cat Cam Vlogs. This is episode #5.

The cats and their family give thanks to the wonderful people at Pickering Animal Hospital for their cooperation.

8 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To Go To The Vet!: A Cat’s Eye View”

  1. My little calico never could stand those hard side carriers. She had to have a plush, soft side, Sherpa bag. >^,,^<

  2. I am a vet tech and always try to consider how the cat feels with us coming into their space. Then, we go and touch them all over, and poke them with needles. They don’t understand what we are doing and that we are just trying to help. I love my kitty friends:)

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