Humans Copy Cats For Chance to Sleep on Book Shelves

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Cats have been sleeping on book shelves for ages. Now humans can enjoy the pleasures of bunking between stacks of books. For $39 a night, you can sleep in a bunk tucked inside bookshelves at Book and Bed Kyoto. (There’s another hostel just like it in Tokyo.)

(Book and Bed Kyoto)

Book lights, a curtain for each space, clothes hangers and Wifi connection are also provided, according to the Website for the hostel. Book And Bed Kyoto guests can sleep in bunks built inside the bookshelves. Or browse the shelves and lounge.

(Book and Bed Kyoto)

The hostel is centrally located in Kyoto’s famous Gion district, according to RocketNews.  The hostels offers a wide selection of English and Japanese-language books for visitors to read and enjoy. Now all it needs are some feline bibliophiles in residence.

(Book and Bed Kyoto/Bored Panda Facebook)

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