Humane Society Offers Christmas Elf Delivery of Adopted Animals

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The Humane Society of Charlotte, North Carolina, made some very special Christmas memories with their new offering: The society offered delivery, via Santa or his elves, of adopted pets on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Two elves – humane society volunteers – knocked on seven-year-old Maddie Heiar’s door on Christmas morning. Heiar had wanted a kitten for years, and the elves presented her with Noel, a four-month-old kitten that Heiar’s parents had adopted a few days earlier.

The elves also read a letter from Santa to Heiar. The letter said that Santa knew Heiar was a good girl, and explained a bit about Noel’s past. Noel had needed medicine and surgery when Santa found her, but Santa knew that Heiar would take good care of the kitten.

This unique, extra-special delivery is a great way to encourage holiday adoptions. Can you imagine Santa or his elves delivering a new pet to your home when you were a kid? It would certainly be an event that you would never forget.

2 thoughts on “Humane Society Offers Christmas Elf Delivery of Adopted Animals”

  1. Let’s just hope this kitten will be a permanent forever family member. Not just a “present” until the kitten gets older or past the kitten stage.

  2. Same here , I hope they are gifts to people who understand it is forever NOT until you find something else!

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