Human Food May Be Shortening Your Cat’s Life

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Image source: Kevin N. Murphy via
Image source: Kevin N. Murphy via

Do you sometimes feed your cat bits of human food as treats? While it might feel like you’re doing something nice for your cat, that may not actually be the case. In fact, human food may be increasing your cat’s chances of developing diabetes.

Animal Friends recently performed a study on the diabetes occurrence in pets. The study discovered that the occurrence of diabetes in cats has increased by 1,161 percent during the past five years.

What could have spurred such an incredible increase? Many cats are currently kept as indoor-only cats, but their diets aren’t properly adjusted to allow for their restricted activity levels. Additionally, human food is high in calories, which a cat would never access in the wild. Limited exercise and high-calorie food amounts to weight gain in cats, putting them at risk of developing diabetes.

If your cat is overweight, then it’s important to get his weight back under control. Put your cat on a lower calorie food and make sure to manage how much food he eats each day. Additionally, encourage your cat to be active by playing with him and providing him with plenty of toys. Careful management of your cat’s health can help ensure that he lives a long, happy life.

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