How to Trap a Cat – CAT CIRCLES!

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Like many of us, video creator and petdad Chris Poole has been following the recent trend of trying to get one’s cats to enter a circle or other figure laid out on the floor.

Chris decided to experiment with his own kitties, Cole and Marmalade, and is sharing the results in this new video.

Chris writes in introduction:

Cat Circles, the easiest way to “trap a cat” ?? – After a few users on Reddit and Imgur noticed that their cats are attracted to circles, submissions poured in of other cat owners trying these low-tech traps on their feline friends! … Of course I had to give it a try with Cole and Marmalade to see if it would work … and to finally have a little control over them!

* I mean I wanted to purrticipate in this study on cat behavioral psychology.

One possible reason why cats might be attracted to these circles is their need for safety. Cats love small and secure spaces, so even the suggestion or illusion of one may prove more appealing than wherever they are at the moment.

As you can see, the tape on the floor, belt and rope were a fail, but the TP, robe drawstring, and paper plate (cheating?) were a success!

Obviously all cat owners know that the easiest way to trap a cat is an empty cardboard box!


Video by Chris Poole (click HERE for his Cole and Marmalade YouTube channel). For more wonderful videos by Chris at our site, click HERE.

You can follow Cole the Black Cat and Marmalade at their page on Facebook, Cole & Marmalade.


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