How to teach your CAT to lay “Down” on cue

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How to teach your CAT to lay “Down” on cue.

Didga the amazing skateboard riding cat is back, but this time he’s helping his petdad, dog and cat trainer Robert Dollwet,of Malibu Dog Training, to show us how to train our cats to lay down on cue.

Training sessions are not just about teaching tricks and useful commands, they provide special bonding time between pets and their guardians.

Robert says, before teaching “Down”: You should learn to “clicker train” your cat – and teach your cat to “Sit” — and “Stay” –

.Robert Dollwet uploads cat training and other cat videos videos at his CATMANTOO YouTube channel.

Didga is Robert’s pet cat, adopted from a shelter, who took readily to training and helps demonstrate what cats can do with positive training that is fun and rewarding for them.

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