How to Cut Your Cat’s Claws: A Sho Ko How-To Video Featuring Shorty and Kodi

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Shorty and Kodi help their petdad demonstrate how to trim a cat’s claws in this entertaining and informative tutorial video.

Shorty and Kodi’s petdad writes in his introduction to the video: “Many people asked about my technique of cutting cat’s claws after seeing, “How to get your cat to stop scratching the furniture.” I explain everything I know in this video with the help of Shorty, Kodi and some awesome YouTubers who have shared their experiences.

“Indoor cats often need their claws trimmed to prevent overgrowth and getting them caught in things since they’re not always scratching and climbing wood trees. It also minimizes damage to other pets, us and our furniture. Different methods work for different families so follow the tips in this video and with some luck, this chore may be easier than you think.”


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