How to Create A Cat Garden

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Los Angeles area resident Chase Holiday is a cat video creator and the petmom to a houseful of happy cats. She writes:

Happy Spring! Every Spring we re-do our Catio Garden. We spend a few weeks redoing the plants. This video was from last year and some of you may have seen it on our Crafty Kitty Cats Channel.

We researched what plants were “cat safe” for their garden and what they would like. (Warning!!! many plants are toxic to cats.) If you are unsure which plants and flowers are safe for your furkids, please visit Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants | ASPCA and related ASPCA articles on toxic plants.

The cats go crazy when we first bring in the plants and grasses. They eat too much the first day and barf some of it up. But that stops quickly and then they enjoy having a little nibble every day.


See the charming music video “On My Catio” for a glimpse of the Furball kitties enjoying the previous year’s garden!

Here is Chase’s video on creating a safe, secure and inviting catio garden that will appeal to both people and pets:



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