How Did Gracie Get To The UK From Dubai?

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How did Gracie end up on her own in Frimley, Surry, UK, implanted with a microchip that says her last known residence was in Dubai? That’s what Cats Protection UK Haslemere Adoption Centre staff and Feline Friends Dubai want to know.

A Frimley resident looking after the cat, who appeared to be living in her shed, brought her to Cats Protection on August 10. Everyone was surprised when her chip scan led back to Dubai. Feline Friends Dubai spent two days trying to trace Gracie’s owner and discovered the microchip was registered to a man named David Kirkwood. Efforts to locate David Kirkwood or further information on him in Dubai have so far been unsuccessful. The last records for Gracie in Dubai date to 2009, and there is no record of the blood test required for her to be taken out of the UAE.

Gracie has very distinctive black and white markings, a stubby tail and a tipped ear. She is estimated to be about 8 years old. Cats Protection will hold Gracie while waiting for her owner to come forward until September 8, then will make her available for adoption.

Meanwhile, the mystery of how Gracie came to the UK and ended up on her own compels interest but remains.


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