How Cat Owners Can Help Animal Shelters During Kitten Season

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According to the Denver Dumb Friends League, it’s kitten season.  As cute as it sounds, it actually means the time of year when the shelter sees the largest number of cats and kittens coming in.  During the summer months they can have up to 900 cats and kittens under their care.

“It’s not necessarily a good time,”  Joan Thielen, communications specialist for DDFL tells Colorado’s Channel 9 News.  “As the days get longer and warmer, we typically see more cats coming in. They start to breed a bit more.”

Which is why they stress the importance of spaying or neutering your cat.  In January the DDFL opened a new cat clinic, Solutions.  The new clinic allows owners to get their cats spayed or neutered for free regardless of the owner’s income or how many cats need the procedure.


“We really value the importance of spaying and neutering, and the goal for that is really to decrease the number of homeless cats we see coming to our shelters,” Thielen says.

Officials in Colorado say keeping your cats indoors can help reduce the number of cats going into their shelters over the summer.  The city of Boulder even put out a notice encouraging cat owners to keep their pets inside.  Both add it can also be healthier for your cat.

“It tends to increase our number of cats that come in,” Thielen says. “If they are outdoors, they may be picked up by somebody and brought to a shelter.  If we don’t have a collar on that or a microchip ID, it can be difficult to identify that owner.

“Outdoor cats are more susceptible to illnesses, they’re more susceptible to be hit by a car, or be attacked by a wild animal. They can get lost easy and not find their way home,” she says. “With an indoor cat…you can monitor their health and well-being.”


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