Houston Kitten Rescued From Elevated Highway

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Houston SPCA teams were on the scene of a dramatic rescue in downtown Houston this morning. A kitten spent at least three days trapped 24-feet up under the Pierce Elevated. expressway before being saved.

Rickshaw driver Robert Williams first heard the kitty meowing on Tuesday and began seeking help.The Houston SPCA and city firefighters responded on Friday for the resce, which was more time consuming and difficult than expected.

In a joint operation, firefighters used water to push the kitten through the crack it was lodged within, and SPCA investigations team members caught the kitten in a bag, brought it down to safety and placed it into a carrier.

The kitten was soaked and shaken up but it thought to be otherwise in good shape.

Robert Williams, the man who got rescuers to come and save the kitten, said, “I was elated. I was extremely happy when I saw them reach up and grab him. I stuck around. I started this. I wanted to see it through. I stuck around to see him out of that hole.”

The SPCA team took the kitten back to the shelter, where a veterinary medical team was standing by. If the kitten is deemed healthy, he’ll be made available for adoption. Williams says he plans to be first in line to adopt the kitten he is already emotionally invested in.

Raw video shows the rescue.



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