Horace the Monkey Loves to Cuddle With Cats

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Image source: Carters News Agency
Image source: Carters News Agency

Horace, a young orphaned monkey, is often sleepy. And when Horace is sleepy, he loves to cuddle up with cats for a nap.

Horace was adopted by Sarah Carter, the founder of the Twala Wildlife Foundation. Carter lives in Zimbabwe and gave Horace a home when he was found clinging to his deceased mother’s body.

While Horace was too young to be out on his own, he has thrived under Carter’s care. Horace has strongly bonded with Carter’s two dogs and her cat, Freddie. He loves the other animals so much that he will often curl up with them when it’s time to take one of his many naps.

According to Carter, Horace is a very sleepy monkey who frequently naps. He’s also curious about the world around him and loves to try to get ahold of things which he is not allowed to have. He sometimes uses his napping to disguise his real motive of stealing something which doesn’t belong to him.

Luckily, Carter’s animals don’t seem to mind. In fact, they seem quite content to nap with the growing monkey. And Horace sure seems to appreciate the company.

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