Hoop Stars Say Their Celebrity Cats Can’t Cohabitate

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Poupin (left) and Prince Edward Zephyr (right) are the two reasons that Robin and Brook Lopez can’t share an apartment together in New York City where they play for rival basketball teams. Robin says Poupin picks on his orange cat, Prince Edward. Image credit: Instagram
Twins Robin and Brook Lopez square off on the court where they meet as rivals when the New York Knicks battle the Brooklyn Nets. Image credit: YouTube

Twin brothers Robin and Brook Lopez are both crazy about their long-haired, pampered cats, but admit that their feline counterparts can’t breathe the same air without fighting. So much for saving money by rooming together in Manhattan. That’s what the two hoop stars told the New York Post in a recent interview. Robin Lopez is the new 7-foot center for the New York Knicks and his brother Brook plays for the rival Brooklyn Nets. The 27-year-olds are identical twins; Robin is the one with the wild hair. Each of them has a cat with its own Instagram account. Robin’s cat is Prince Edward Zephyr, and Brook’s cat is Poupin. According to Robin, Poupin is the aggressor, and goes after innocent Edward whenever the two are in the same room. Prince Edward’s Instagram accounts styles him as “He who is kind and just, the future King, ruler of the Western Realms.”

“Brook’s cat [Poupin] is very two-faced,” Robin told The Post. “Everybody loves Brook’s cat. To everybody’s face, he’s such a nice cat. And it may sound like I’m joking, but I am dead serious. He acts like a lazy, sweet cat when everybody is looking. But when their heads turn, he’ll try to chase after [my cat] Edward. The second I lay eyes on him, he’ll act like, ‘I’m a cherub. I’m innocent.’ I’m not buying it.”

The fact that their cats can’t share a room and keep their claws sheathed put an end to any notion the twins had of rooming together. “We thought about it,” Brook told The Post. “But the cats really wouldn’t get along. They just wouldn’t allow it.”

The hoop stars are “notoriously tight,” according to deadspin.com, which said the brothers are also writing partners. “So you’d think that they would want to live together once Robin moved to New York this summer. Rent’s pretty bonkers in NYC and if the two are more or less inseparable, why not just live in the same place? Because Poupin and Prince Edward Zephyr, their cats, won’t let them.”

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