Homeless Kittens Born At Mall Loading Dock Rescued With Mother

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Cats at the Studios Rescue of Burbank, California helped save this mama cat and her kittens.

Mama kitty was pregnant and living on the streets. She was so filthy she appeared to by gray.

Mama was hiding in the bushes when she was discovered, but she became frightened and ran into a loading dock at a nearby mall.

The loading dock could not be opened because Mama would have been crushed.

Mama began to go into labor inside the loading dock, and she had 6 kittens. Unfortunately, only 3 kittens survived.

Cats at the Studios Rescue were called and the rescuers began to plan how they would save Mama cat and her babies. They trapped Mama and were able to get the kittens.

The kittens are in foster care with their Mama and are all doing well about a week after their rescue.

Mama is nursing her babies and showing them love. The kittens are also getting supplementary feedings to ensure they get the best nourishment to help them thrive.

Mama turned out to be a beautiful, softly colored orange longhair and she already has a home lined up.

Cats at the Studios will seek homes for the kittens to go to when they are old enough, healthy and strong.

It is thought that without Cats at the Studios, Mama and her babies would not have survived.

Watch their touching story, as told by the Pet Collective:



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