Home Depot Kitty to Live With Employee After All

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A runaway cat found living the high life at a Home Depot garden center, and who had been sent home once his microchip was discovered, is now back with the store employee who wanted to adopt him before his true identity was known.

Earlier this month we posted on Runaway Cat Found Living At Home Depot; Reunited With Family A Year Later, when a cat missing from his home for a year turned out to have been living at an Auburn Hills, Michigan Home Depot store’s garden center for several months, being taken care of by employees, and greeting shoppers.

When employee Jeff York took Skittles to the vet for a checkup before adopting him, Skittles turned out to be the missing Coyote, and was returned to his former family.

Now the Strohschein family has turned Skittles back over to Mr. York and the cat has joined the big York family of pets, plus Jeff and his wife Kellie . The family’s other rescues include two German shepherds, one German shepherd/Labrador mix, a golden retriever, two cats, a Goffin cockatoo and a peach-fronted conure.

We felt while watching the video included in our earlier story that the Stroschein family did not seem particularly overjoyed or bonded with their former cat so are not especially surprised at this turn of events. At least they did the right thing by contacting Mr. York and offering Skittles to him. The former family says Skittles wanted to go back to his old routines but was made to feel unwlecome by a cat the family had brought into the home during his absence.

We imagine that he is bonded with Mr York and will finally be at home.

For video of Skittles’ reunion with his former family click the link to our earlier story near the top of the page.

0 thoughts on “Home Depot Kitty to Live With Employee After All”

  1. It was ungracious but if they thought he wasn’t coming back and got another cat, maybe they are not multi-taskers when it comes to pets. Skittles is where he was always meant to be, he just took a little detour to get there.

  2. That’s great news. When I saw the video of the reunion I wasn’t having a good feeling. The family didn’t look thrilled! Only the oldest boy reached out to even pet the cat. I do understand that they got a new cat after this one took off, and that they didn’t get along when they met. At least this family made a good choice. Hopefully a happy ending for all.

  3. d’aww!

    I don’t understand the hostility towards the original family. I think they did all the right and responsible things: it sounds like their new adopted cat was Not Okay with having another feline around, so, rather than keeping the omega cat in a very stressful and unsafe situation, they rehomed him with somebody who clearly already loved him to pieces. I bet this cat will be spoiled as all get out! 😀

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