Home at Last! Dexter Kitten Gets His Happy Ending

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PetLuv Clinic staff were not sure that Dexter would survive the brutal beating that brought him into the public eye on June 10.  Now this remarkable kitten has his forever home with the woman who has been at his side throughout his recovery.

Most readers will be familiar with Dexter kitten, his terrible ordeal, and his heartwarming recovery. PetLuv Clinic in Brooksville FL took responsibility for Dexter and his care after he was rescued by a group of young boys, with Dexter staying nights at the home of vet tech Tiffany Sroka, who became his foster caregiver.

Dexter charmed the staff at the clinic, along with many hundreds of supporters from all over who followed his story here and, more importantly, at PetLuv’s Facebook page.  He also charmed his caregiver, Tiffany, who has decided to make it official and adopt Dexter into her family.

At last writing, Dexter had gone on vacation to Largo FL , from Brooksville, for laser treatments meant to heal tissue damage. He came back to PetLuv clinic for a visit late last week to give staff members their Dexter fix, and he is now  – and we are excited and pleased to say it – at home.

Dexter still has health concerns and is not fully healed from the attack, but Tiffany is the perfect person to be petmom to him. She knows him like no one else does, and he has bonded to her. He will continue to visit the clinic for medical and for social reasons.

Yesterday Dexter was at the clinic for a visit after his return from undergoing laser treatments by invitation at Largo FL, and he was described as relaxed and very contented.

Update from petmom Tiffany, made today, on Dexter’s first day back home: “He got a ride in the car for some new toys and bed which he just loves (He was in his carrier while the car was moving). He was welcomed by his two sisters Nom Nom and Wasabi and is doing very well after his treatments this past week.”

The following video is just 25 seconds of a little kitten laying around engaging in gentle play; a little kitten who miraculously survived the worst sort of treatment, who might not have survived the trauma and neurological damage from blows to the head, who showed an engaging personality as he blossomed under loving care, and who drew the hearts of many to his side.

Remarkably, all this has occurred in six short weeks.

Congratulations Dexter and Tiffany, and thank you PetLuv Clinic.

We were as appalled as anyone at the treatment Dexter received, allegedly at the hands of 24 year old pregnant woman Wilana Frazier and her two young boys, and have made numerous posts on Dexter’s progress. Here is out first story, made on June 15, five days after the attack, Dexter Kitten Recieves Tender Loving Care at PetLuv Clinic After Brutal Assault.

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  1. How wonderful! Please give us periodica updates on how he is doing…I think most of that have followed this story feel in some ways “he is ours” too…Good luck Dexter and WELCOME HOME!

  2. he is so so soooooo SO adorable, omigosh, i just lost my heart <3<3 thank you guys for looking after him..bless <3

  3. I’m so happy for Dexter….I hope they are seeking justice for him by arresting/fining/imprisoning the perp who hurt him, and also some military/boot camp for her violent rugrats! JUSTICE FOR DEXTER!!!!

  4. @ dori i so so agree with you…..does anyone know what has happened with her and her kids

  5. I’m so happy to hear Dexter is making such a great comeback!! Very happy to hear Tiffany adopted him! I love this kitty!!

  6. i am so happy for dexter. sadly i cant read about it as the link wont work for me. thank you to everyone who took care of dexter and gave him the help he needed to fight for his life…without you he would be dead by now…you really are heroes.

  7. Dexter you have your home and will soon have your health. Good for you and you deserve only the best from here on out!

  8. awwww, this video made me cry with JOY~! To see him so comfortable that he’s actually GROOMING himself/~! AMAZING~! And Tiffany, you Angel you~! God bless you and I can’t thank you enough for bonding so well with this lil’ baby, I believe it’s a big part of WHY he not only survived but obviously is thriving~! Also thanx for the video because his eyes look better, I read about the neurologic damage he’s suffered and in the picture his eyes look well, “off” for lack of a better word but in the video they look much better~! He’s gorgeous and NO wonder you fell in love with him~! Love and prayers to you and him for a FULL recovery. Jesus rocks………

  9. I wish little Dexter all the love he needs and wishing all the best – he shall have all the best, this fantastic little guy. With love

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