Hero Cat Alerts Woman to Husband’s Heart Attack

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When Richard Jenkins was upstairs alone suffering a heart attack, Cleo , the family’s cat, rushed up and down the stairs to get her petmom’s attention. Thanks to Cleo, Richard’s wife was able to summon paramedics in time to save his life with emergency measures.

Pauline Jenkins knew something was wrong when the normally placid and laid-back Cleo started running up and down the stairs and behaving strangely. So when husband Richard complained of chest pains and Cleo clambered onto the bed to be next to him, she quickly dialled 999. Paramedics arrived and confirmed Richard had suffered a heart attack and needed emergency treatment.

Despite being wary of strangers, loyal Cleo, aged 15, refused to leave his side throughout and upon his return from hospital stayed with him around the clock until he was back on his feet.

Cleo is a finalist for Cats Protection UK’s 2014 National Cat Awards in the Hero Cat category. The awards categories will be judged at The Savoy Hotel on August 7.

The National Cat Awards are designed to celebrate the extraordinary tales of survival, companionship and bravery in the feline world.

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Watch Cleo’s story:

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