Here’s Why You Need a Second Cat

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2 cats

Just like anything good in life, potato chips, jelly beans, shoes, more is better. A second cat? That just seems obvious, now, doesn’t it? If you don’t already know the reasons, Buzzfeed has come up with some interesting points of persuasion.

And when  you do get a second kitty, remember to ADOPT don’t SHOP, and maybe consider a senior cat, too!


1 thought on “Here’s Why You Need a Second Cat”

  1. We lost one cat in October of 2015, and our youngest cat, Raven, got really depressed. We still had the oldest cat but the two had never really gotten along. When our oldest cat died 11 months later we got a kitten a little over a week after. We were a bit nervous how Raven would react- she’s always been very bossy, gets overstimulated easily, and loved to bully the older cats. But Raven is happier than I think I’ve ever seen her now! While the kitten and her don’t cuddle or anything, the two do enjoy playing together, especially when there’s a box involved. Pumpkin (the kitten) has also been known to lay near (sometimes pressed up against Raven) when he’s scared. Raven doesn’t seem to understand why he wants to be near her, but it doesn’t bother her at all. Raven now has more energy and enthusiasm just in general. Getting the kitten is, by far, the best thing we’ve ever done for her.

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