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Nina, via Imgur


A woman who reached out in a creative way with an appeal to the online community is grateful for the support given to her and her cat.

Toronto resident Rebecca K. turned to the community at the photo sharing website Imgur in recent days, asking for help for her cat Nina.  Nina was diagnosed with bladder stones that were casing blood to leak into her urine and the vet said she should either have surgery or be put down.  Rebecca created a gallery with gifs and a photo of Nina that helped tell the story and make a polite appeal, and the page, titled Not sure what to do, linked to a donations page at Fundrazr.

Despite her fears that the appeal would get buried at the photo sharing site and few would either see it or respond, it did get noticed, and the community generously gave enough money to meet the appeal’s $2,000 goal.

Nina will have her surgery early this week. Rebecca has been posting photos of the vet bills as they are paid. (We’ve seen the images posted so far. )

The story told in captions on the imgur page is this:

“I found out today that my cat has calcium oxalate stones in her bladder. The vet has told my hubby and I that it comes down to a $2000 surgery or putting her down. After emptying our pockets we went to friends and family who haven’t really been able/ willing to help. So I thought maybe imgur could help get the word out to individuals and organizations that might be able to help …but all of my previous pleas have gotten stuck in user sub with less than 20 upvotes. I have a feeling this one will too… but I have to do something. The thought of losing her just kills me. I’m hoping that someone out there can connect me to an org in Toronto. If anyone is interested in helping there is a fundraiser set up for her at Fundrazr. I’m just looking for people who can help spread the word.”

“I have made this account [at Imgur] strictly in the hopes of getting some attention and help with saving my Nina. I don’t want to pressure anyone so I’d never spam. This will probably just end up being another ignored thing and my kitty will be put down like hundreds of others… but to me it will be one of the worst days I’ve ever had.”

Rebecca wrote at Fundrazr : “Nina the kitty is a sweet 4 year old girl who desperately needs surgery to remove several bladder stones that are causing her discomfort and leaking blood into her urine. Without this surgery she will have to be put down- but you can help save her! Every furry friend deserves a second chance and this darling wants to stay! Every little bit helps so PLEASE consider donating! Even if you can’t donate, prayers and good thoughts are loved and appreciated.”

Nina, via Imgur


Rebecca wrote in a followup at Imgur, “You guys have literally saved my cat’s life. A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave and upvoted. You guys are the best and I will keep you all updated! Her surgery will be early this week and I should post an update by Thursday! I shall not fail you!”

At Fundrazr, she wrote on Sunday, “Thank you all so much for your support. I couldn’t have done this without all of the lovely imgurians and their support! We are incredibly grateful to everyone for all that they did. You guys are amazing!!!!!

“If you wanted to donate but didn’t get the chance, please consider donating to your local animal shelter. Every pet deserves a good home and the love that we can provide.

“(I feel like Jimmy Stewart at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life…. *tear*)”

Here’s a YouTube video with Nina, uploaded on Sunday.



This slideshow includes the gifs and the image of Nina that made up the appeal. Place your cursor at center right for the advance arrow or click on the thumbnails below.

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