Heartwarming Moment As Workmen Drill Through Concrete To Save Kittens

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It took a lot of drilling by two determined workmen to rescue a litter of tiny kittens trapped under a concrete floor, but their efforts were rewarded by cheers and applause. A video captures the heartwarming moment the tiny, crying kittens are pulled out of the hole and handed to two young women standing by with a towel as passersby cheer the successful rescue.

The drama was captured in a World News video posted on YouTube. In it, two men who appear to be utility workers use a drill and shovel to make a hole in a thick concrete floor in the Cultural Centre in Araras, Brazil. Passersby reportedly heard the kittens crying and raised the alarm. The kittens got stuck after falling down a gutter pipe and into a sewage drain.

(Image: World News/YouTube)

The kittens can be seen huddled in a heap at the bottom of the hole and heard crying plaintively. First one is pulled out, then another, as the crowd cheers and applauds.

(Image: World News/YouTube)
(Image: World News/YouTube)

One of the anonymous workmen hands the kittens over to a happy young woman waiting with a towel.

(Image: World News/YouTube)

The last frame of the video shows the four kittens, alive and unharmed, just before they are taken to a vet for follow up care.

(Image: World News/YouTube

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