Heartbreak: The Loss of a Pet

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Losing a pet is never easy. It hurts. A lot. And sometimes there are those people who don’t understand, don’t “get,” why you feel the way you do.  According to them, it was just a cat.

You can’t defend your feelings to those who have never been privileged to have an animal as part of their family. It is a special relationship. They become a piece of your heart.

When we lose a pet, we grieve in different ways. And while a heart breaks, here, too, is the opportunity to celebrate the gift received when your life has been graced by a special pet.  This is for Martin and for Tootsie and for all the other kitties who have gone to the Rainbow Bridge.

Sweet dreams, my Martin. You stole our hearts the moment you crawled into my lap at the rescue. You were the best sympathy kitty, always knowing when we needed love. You were incorrigible when it came to food…meals will be harder for a while without you sitting between us, giving us the “paw,” (just in case we didn’t notice you were there are willing to try anything). You traveled to Hawaii for me and then stayed home for Dad to keep him company. You were the best snuggler and you charmed everyone who ever had the privilege to make your acquaintance. Go find Angela at the Rainbow Bridge, baby boy. She’ll be happy to see you and we will see you there, one day, too. Always remember how much we love you and how much joy your brought into our lives. We were blessed with your life, Martin, and miss your presence so much already. Rest in Peace.

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