He Walks He Plays He Eats He Bathes He Sleeps: Presenting Dexter!

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Little Dexter does the many simple things that kittens do, but in his case they are remarkable achievements for the dear baby boy who was brutally beaten two weeks ago. Here he is, starring in his second heartwarming little video.

PetLuv Clinic is providing periodic updates on Dexter kitten’s condition and improvements, and this video from yesterday 6/23 is most encouraging and endearing. The staff at PetLuv were initially very concerned whether the dear baby would even live, and while Dexter remains a critial care patient he has made great strides.

Also, a video update on Dexter’s condition.

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0 thoughts on “He Walks He Plays He Eats He Bathes He Sleeps: Presenting Dexter!”

  1. How do you beat a helpless little animal?? I’m so happy he is doing well but what about the @#$ that beat him?? We need tougher laws for animal abusers because that is where it starts!!

  2. stuff like this makes me sick this woman needs tolearn some lessons about humanity as well as her sons

  3. OMG… But thank God and I feel glad to know that this handsome boy are doing a good progress. May he grow up and enjoy his life surrounded by many people who loves him <3

  4. Thank you, PetLuv Clinic for taking care of this sweet, special little man. Bless your hearts for coming to his aid.

  5. I’m so happy to hear little Dexter is doing so well. What a cutie. He looks so much like my little Leo when he was a kitten. I hope this woman and her two sons burn in hell!!!!!

  6. So happy to hear that little Dexter is doing so well. He’s such a cutie. Looks so much like my Little Leo when he was a kitten. Unfathomable to even imagine anyone wanting to hurt such a beautiful animal. 🙁

  7. What kind of sub-human trash beats a defenseless kitten???!!!!! With a baseball bat????!!! I’m so happy to hear that he’s recovering. I hope his progress continues & that he finds a safe, loving forever home!

  8. It’s hard for me to believe there’s such evil in this world but I still believe the vast majority of people are good & decent. Thank God for the lovely dr.s at Petluv for taking care of our little boy.

  9. Dear sweet baby Dexter – I hope he never has to suffer again and is not in any type of pain now. Thank you so much to his caretakers and may he continue to heal and be a happy healthy well loved pet soon.

    Trash is the perfect word to describe the inhuman that did this to him. May she rot in hell and suffer a fate worthy of what she did to the kittens.

  10. I will continue to pray for poor little Dexter. I hope he continues to improve and grow up to be a healthy normal cat. That woman needs locked up and her children need to be taught that there are consequences for their actions.

  11. God Bless You, Dexter.
    How could you do that to such a beautiful kitten?

    I have an aluminum bat just the right size for that B*tch!

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