“He Can’t Live Without Me” Refugee Takes Cat With Her

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(Screengrab: International Business Times)

Kapoush the cat has been through a lot on his perilous journey from Damascus to Greece. Still, being left on his own in war-torn Syria would have been much worse. “Kapoush can’t live without me, and I can’t live without you, Kapoush,” says Isra, a 22-year-old refugee who fled Syria with her family and cat.

Isra talked about her love for her cat and their uncertain future with the International Business Times. She said she found Kapoush in on the streets of Damascus when he was just one week old. When her family made the difficult decision to flee, Isra insisted on taking her kitten. Both were terrified on the dangerous journey across the Aegean Sea in a smuggler’s leaky boat. They now live in a refugee camp on the Greek Macedonian border in the town of Idomeni where trains lumber by and startle the young cat.

Isra is a native of Palestine who grew up in a refugee camp in Damascus. She was studying architecture when she left Syria with her father, mother and younger brother. The entire fmaily survived the perilous sea voyage and arrived at the port of Piraeus on March 1, she told the IB Times. Border shutdowns left more than 34,0000 people trapped on Greece’s islands and mainland. Isra and her family refuse to leave, and hope that the border will open again. Isra says one of her brothers is waiting for them in Sweden.

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