Have More Fun With Wheels, Shelves and Trees

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Your cat needs exercise, stimulation and little hideaways where she can lounge undisturbed. Here are some great ways to create a feline-friendly environment. You can take the easy (and slightly more expensive) way out and buy a cool cat exercise wheel that will be entertaining for both your and your cat. An active cat confined to a home or apartment can benefit from this $250 exercise wheel made by One Fast Cat.

The cat daddy in this video uses treats to encourage his cats to hop up on shelves and walk along a custom-made suspension bridge.

A cat tree fashioned from a fallen limb, scrap lumber and carpeting are used to make an attractive, low-cost cat hang-out. This creative cat man has his own shop at home and power tools to get the job done. The video is sped up so it’s easy to watch him build another tree like the first.


Dog eating your cat’s food? A cat shelf could be the solution. This video provides clear instructions for this do-it-yourself project that you can do if you are handy and know how to use a drill and jigsaw.


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