Harvery Dent: Two Faced Janus Kitten Born in Florida

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Mama kitty and the cats’ guardians all welcome the unusual kitten, born just days ago. Respondents to a Craigslist post looking for input and advice gave opinions straight out of the dark ages, though.

Nash Hand and Amanda Forsythe, of Port Charlotte, Florida, had heard of Janus cats but did not expect their own cat, Nene, to deliver one. Nene did just that recently, when the beautiful black cat gave birth to the two faced kitten the family has named Harvey Dent.

Nene has accepted her unusual kitten, Nash and Amanda want to do everything they can for him, and local vet Dr. Greg Fluharty says Harvey’s basic vital signs are normal. Harvey seems fine, but will undergo neurological tests this week to further assess his condition. While most Janus cats live only a few days, there are exceptions; most notably, Frank and Louis the 12 year old Janus cat rescued at one day old by a veterinary nurse who saved hims from being put down. Frank and Louis is a mostly normal cat despite his unusual condition, and he continues to thrive.

Harvey is an innocent baby born with a physical anomaly, yet respondents to a Craigslist post made the most horrid and superstitious comments that seem nearly unimaginable to anyone who is not completely benighted. Amanda posted at the online bulletin board looking for help and advice after Harvey’s birth and was blindsided by the responses she got. Amanda said people wrote, “That I should put it down, that it is an abomination, that I am an evil person because I would let such a thing live like that. It’s a beast because it’s a black cat with two faces.”

Fortunately, Harvey is surrounded by compassionate people who view him as a deserving little creature born with an unusual condition. Given the good preliminary health assessment and the support he is getting at home, perhaps Harvey can the beat the odds and lead a long and healthy life.




7 thoughts on “Harvery Dent: Two Faced Janus Kitten Born in Florida”

  1. Still nothing cuter than a kitten. The best thing about a kitty with two faces is two little noses to kiss and two little sets of ears and two little chins to scratch. As long as the kitten is healthy overall which it sounded like the vet said he is, there is no reason to not keep this kitten. The only thing I would tell this couple to do as soon as possible is to get the mother cat spayed. Obviously, the kittens will need to get fixed too but not for at least a couple of months or so.

  2. God Bless You for taking care of him. Some people are stupid with the comments they make. Give him lots of kisses. He is lucky to have you to take care of him.

  3. This precious little kitty needs all the love he can get. Thank God he has a good mommy & daddy. Please keep us informed on how he gets along.

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