Happy Again: Cat Saved From Fire Sees Petmom

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Missy was revived at the scene of her burning home on Saturday, but missed her mom until the two were reunited on Monday. Missy purred and ate on her own for the first time as soon as she felt a familiar loving touch.

Colleen Beran was not home when her Northcote, New Zealand home caught on fire on Saturday. Firefighters entered the burning house twice looking for her, and found her 16 year old tortie cat Missy hiding in the bedroom.

Missy was suffering from smoke inhalation but was revived by St. Albans station officer Murray Jamieson, who took her outside, “pushed”  some of the air and smoke out of her lungs and  gave her a heart massage. After that, firefighter Tom Jack gave Missy oxygen as he waited for SPCA personnel to arrive at the scene.

Missy was taken to Our Vets clinic in St. Albans, where she was treated for smoke inhalation. Staff had to give her syringe feedings until Colleen came to see her on Monday. As soon as Colleen patted her, Missy relaxed, purred and ate on her own.

Colleen was visiting her sister at the time of the fire. Her dog escaped the fire when a neighbor opened the door as the home’s alarms went off. The house was a total loss, and all Colleen has now are her cat and her dog.  Missy lived with Colleen at the house from the time she was 8 weeks old.  Colleen, who is 70 years old, will get a new home from Housing New Zealand.




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  1. THANK GOD for those firefighters! GOOD JOB GUYS!
    Thank God that kitty was rescued and now back with her family.

    What a wonderful end.

  2. So glad the firemen found your beautiful kitty and were able to revive her! I love a happy ending!

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