Halloween Cat Video Omnibus 2012

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Other than the few we’ve shown separately, here are 12 of the the best Halloween themed cat videos released this season. Enjoy!

Thanks to all the creators who all year long keep us amused, informed, touched, inspired and entertained.
(I’ve we’ve missed any 2012 selections that ought to be here, please let us know).

Cat Possessed
Starring a spooky manifestation of Kimicat.

The Cat, The Spider and The Treat
“It’s close to Halloween and there’s a spider in the house, let’s watch and see what unfolds.
Starring Lucy, Max, and Mr. Muggles with Cameos by Emma and Molly.”

Black Cat’s First Pumpkin!
“Cole our rescued black cat plays with his Halloween pumpkin! ….. ENJOY ”


Kitten vs. Halloween
Cute kittens cavort with the Halloween decorations.

Halloween Banana Split Cat
“Pudge’s Halloween costume is a banana split or, as we like to call it, a Pudge sundae.” Pudge the cat endures being dressed up like an ice cream Sunday for our amusement.

Halloween Panda Kitty
“In the spirit of one of his favorite holidays, Persian kitty Cooper took on the disguise of an adorable giant panda. Cooper even ventured into the forest to feast on “bamboo,” which strangely resembled either asparagus or edamame. Cooper especially loved the edamame variety.”


Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween, Shiro style.


Thunder & Monkey’s Hallowe’en Video

The Cat of Frankenstein


Paranormal Cativity: Demon Kitty Gon’ Get You
“issing: Kodi the cat, male, black and white markings, probably carrying something in his mouth. Last seen in this video footage. If you know the whereabouts of Kodi, please let us know ASAP. And to anyone reading this, Shorty has been acting very strange. Her eyes are glowing and she’s speaking Latin. I’m worried about my safety and if she knows I’m telling you this she could….. oh god here she co……………… meow ….. meow …… HISSSSS …..SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH 5 FRIENDS OR DEMON KITTY GON’ GET YOU TOO!!!!!!!!”

Ultimate Halloween Cat
“Shorty, what do you want to do for Halloween? We haven’t made a Halloween video before because I wanted people to see you as more than just a black cat.”

A Cat’s Halloween Dream – Furball Fables

Are you brave enough to enter the cat’s dream?
A Tail Raising Tale
At this time of year, the veil is thin.
Into the cat’s world another slips in.
A place to make fur stand on end.
Full of creepies real and some pretend.

Filled with strange and spooky things.
Some are dangling on their strings.
Impossible to give a name,
Scary, odd and unexplained.

So Fluff out your whiskers,
and curl up your tail,
while ghouls dance around you
and ghosties wail.

Oh be a brave and mighty cat,
least you be turned into a rat.
Through the magical realms you roam.
Til Kitty cats find their way home.

Perhaps it was no more than a dream.

Happy Kitty Cat Halloween

A Tail Raising Tale by Kathie Gibboney

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