Hallmark Announces Upcoming “Kitten Summer Games”

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Image source: hallmarkchannel.com

With the news filled of the upcoming Rio Olympics, there’s a new sports competition that’s sure to gain some followers. Hallmark has announced that it will be airing the “Kitten Summer Games” on August 5th.

The kittens are hard at work training for this special athletic event, which will feature events such as the 100 Meowter Dash, gymnastics, and boxing. Best of all, all of the kittens are adoptable! Let’s take a look at some of the top athletes which will be featured in the games.

Image source: hallmarkchannel.com
Image source: hallmarkchannel.com

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What do you think – will you be watching the Kitten Summer Games? If so, then be sure to tune into the Hallmark Channel on August 5 at 8 pm ET/PT.


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