Hadley Gets a Home: Burned Kitty Heals, Finds a Friend, Gains a Family

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Adorably sweet Hadley, who has lived at a MI shelter since 2009, made fast friends with another kitty and the shelter insisted they be rehomed together when Hadley was made available for adoption this April. Now Hadley and Minnie have a real home.

Hadley, the sweet and adorable polydactyl orange tabby who has made the news a few times in the last two years is about to retire to private life, along with his beloved companion Minnie.

Hadley went missing from his original home for a few days in July of 2009, during which time he was doused with gasoline and lit on fire; but he made his way back and  received  medical attention, and his life was saved. His reportedly distraught  family said they were unable to pay for his medical care and gave the one year old cat over to the West Michigan Humane Society after he came home with third degree burns over one third of his body. When his family brought him to them then HS took over and got him the medical care he needed.  Staff members raised the $10.000 required for his care from members of the community and renamed him Hadley.  Hadley healed well and remained at the HS, where he  became a mascot to the shelter.

Though a reward was offered, the perpetrator of Hadley’s abuse and injury was never found.

The devoted companions.

Enter Minnie, a black cat who came to the HS with an injured front leg in February 2010. Her leg had been caught in a car engine belt. She and Hadley became inseparable and when Hadley was finally made available for adoption in April of this year it was with the stipulation that the adopter take both Hadley and Minnie. Both are considered special needs cats.

In the two years he lived at the West Michigan Humane Society Hadley fulfilled his role as  mascot well, raising a many-toed paw for high fives as staffers arrived in the building and generally giving cheer.

We are thrilled to learn that the two cats have found their forever home and hope Hadley and Minnie and their new family enjoy many happy years to come.


Recent news video on the happy occasion.

2009 video of Hadley shortly after his family took him to the HS


Hadley, with his burns, in 2009

Top photo, Hadley from earlier this year.

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  1. I don’t live that far from West Michigan. I am so happy to hear that Hadley got adopted with his friend Minnie. I wish they could have caught the people who did this cruel and hideous abuse to Hadley. I wish Hadley and Minnie love and happiness for the rest of their lives. Thank you to whoever adopted them.

  2. Look at the sweet face! Who could do this to him?? Give me a blow torch and 10 minutes alone with the person who did ths!

    I am soooo happy he got adopted with his little friend! True friendship knows no bounds! <3

  3. I’m so glad he and Minnie have found a great home, but it makes me literally sick that someone could do that to a cat or any animal! Please, people, keep your cats indoors!

  4. It is terrible what this poor little kitty had to go through but I’m glad to see that he has essentially healed up and has a forever home with his pal, Minnie.

  5. God bless all of you who helped save him, and nothing but AWFUL to those who did this terrible thing and God bless the people who adopted them and are going to let them know what love is………

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