Gus Gus, International Cat of Mystery, Returns Home After a Year

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Siblings, from left, Paul Schiller, 10, Ryan Schiller, 8, and Julia Schiller, 6, with their 3-year old cat, Gus Gus, at their home in Kingsville, Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012. (DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star)


Gus Gus went missing from his Ontario home in 2011 and was recently found on the other side of the border in Northville, Michigan. His microchip helped bring him back home. In honor of his stealthy cross-border adventure , his family is calling him the International Cat of Mystery.

The Canadian Schiller family adopted Gus Gus from the Windsor/Essex Humane Society as a kitten, three years ago. Gus Gus was microchipped at the shelter. He went missing in October, 2011.

A family in Northville, Michigan recently decided to adopt the thin, stray cat who’d been coming around their house looking for food. They took the kitty to a Michigan Humane Society veterinary center for a check up and shots on Friday, and the vet there discovered Gus Gus’s identity when doing a routine chip scan.

Gus Gus had somehow traveled 57 miles from Kingville, Ontario to Northville, crossing an international border, as well as the Detroit River. It is thought he hitched a ride on a truck and got out nearby to where he was found.

The two families made arrangements to return Gus Gus, with the Schillers keeping the purpose of their outing to Michigan last Sunday a secret from their three children. The families met at a Costco parking lot.

“When mommy found out that we had Gus Gus, I was shocked,” said 6 year old Julia Schiller  Sunday night after returning from their trip across the border.

“This was the best surprise I ever had,” said 8 year old Ryan.

“I thought he was gone forever,” said Paul, aged 10. “We still don’t know how he crossed the border.”

Mom Jennifer Schiller told the Windsor Star she’d felt guilty about Gus Gus’s disappearance, having been the one to let him out of the house. Neighbors said he’d probably been killed by a coyote, and that presumed outcome had even been printed in a story on Gus Gus in the newspaper. Jennifer said she and her husband Jeremy are happy the coyote outcome was not the case, and are glad Gus Gus has safely returned home.

(Jennifer and Gus Gus (DAX MELMER/The Windsor Star)



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