Gunner comes down; cat stranded atop pole is rescued

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We had Gunner’s story on our “watch to see how it comes out” list earlier today when he was still stranded way up atop a utility pole with no resolution in sight. Thankfully, Gunner has now been saved.

Gunner is a newly adopted cat whose people, the Smoot family of Twentynine Palms CA,  left him with a petsitter while they were away from home for the Christmas holiday. Gunner got out, climbed up the power pole and wouldn’t or couldn’t come back down. He was known to be stuck up the pole since at least Friday and was still there today.

Neither animal control nor the fire department were able to rescue Gunner, due to the live wires attached to the pole. Gunner’s petdad, Marine Corps  Sergeant Smoot told a local TV station that So Cal Edison would have to cut power to the pole before a rescue could be made. As of earlier today, So Cal Edison  told the station by phone that there was no one available at the time  to go out to Twentynine Palms, and that neighbors should keep their dogs inside to prevent them from further stressing the stranded cat.

Two power company lineman did go to the scene today, though, and Gunner is now  down from the pole and safely at home with his family.

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