Guard Dogs Adopt Orphaned Kitten

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Thanks to the kindness of two guard dogs, an orphaned kitten has found a new home in Mt. Vernon, Oregon. Tiffany Hull owns Atilla, a lab and pit bull mix; and Chaos, a kelpie mix. Chaos, who likes to hunt small animals like chipmunks, carried a kitten in from the backyard one day. Though Chaos carried the kitten in her mouth, the kitten was unharmed.

Hull’s boyfriend set the kitten back out on the other side of a fence in the yard, hoping that its mother would find it. However, Chaos returned with another kitten that night, which has since been adopted by family friends. The original kitten was found outside again the next day, unclaimed, so the couple brought it inside.

The kitten was young – his eyes weren’t opened yet – so Hull bottle fed him and now he is thriving. Hull named the kitten Jake.

Jake ii

Chaos protected Jake during his first few weeks at the home; she slept by the shoebox which was his bed, keeping Atilla away from him. However, Chaos has since let Atilla visit with Jake, and now the two dogs mother the kitten. The dogs lick the kitten, allow him to climb on them, and sleep with him.

Jake is certainly a lucky kitten – he has a new home and two loving four-legged companions to look out for him.

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