Guapo’s Story

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Meet Guapo; he is a a very sweet cat with some medical issues on his plate. Guapo is diabetic and has FIV. “Guapo”, Spanish for Handsome, is an orange tabby male, about 10 years old. He is neutered, super sweet and loves quiet attention and petting. In fact, it’s hard to take his photo because he loves to head butt the camera!

Tabitha Galeana, President of Pawsitive Karma Rescue in Cedar Park, Texas, near Austin, wrote us yesterday about an older cat with medical issues whose owner had to give him up as he struggled with is own  medical crisis. Pawsitive Karma has raised money for Guapo’s medical care and boarding, but needs to move him into a foster or forever home very soon and no one has come forward to take him.

Tabitha writes:

frtGuapo (spanish for handsome). This loving, affectionate 10 year old orange tabby has overcome the odds to have the chance at a new life with Pawsitive Karma Rescue.

Guapo has spent the past several years as the sole companion of an elderly man who is stricken with cancer. When his owner, reached out for help due to his concerns about Guapo’s health, we discovered that Guapo had his own set of medical issues. Not only was he suffering from an ongoing bacterial infection in both eyes, he tested positive for both FIV and diabetes.

The owner knew that he could no longer provide for his beloved kitty because of both finances and his own health issues, so he made the heart-wrenching decision to give him up.

Guapo has been staying at a vets office for few weeks now and he is thriving on his twice daily insulin injections. His eye infection is cleared up and he’s become more active and vocal each day, really seeking out attention and affection. Thanks to some very generous donations, PKR is currently paying for his medical and boarding expenses. But Guapo cannot stay at the vets office for much longer. What he really needs is a foster home, or better yet, a home to call his own.

Guapo is a bit of a wiggle worm, so the videos really help to show how wonderful Guapo is. He loves to be brushed and petted, especially scratches on his chin and cheeks. We have also discovered that he’s pretty crazy about catnip and will joyfully roll around in it like a playful kitten.

This cat deserves a chance to find a new home that can provide for his medical needs, as well as giving him the love and attention he wants. So many people are invested in Guapo but even with the donors and volunteers have made selfless contributions to his care, Guapo has yet to find a safe place to call home.

September 9: Nicole and Debra both made extremely generous donations that just brought us to tears! Now we can keep on caring and boarding for Guapo at the vet’s office for even longer while we search for a foster or adopter for him. These donations just bought Guapo more time!

We have exhausted all our resources to try to help Guapo. I have uploaded a few videos of him that one of our volunteers took. We have been fundraising for his medical care on our Facebook page, but still have had no luck finding an adopter or foster for him.

 FMI, visit Pawsitive Karma Rescue or Pawsitive Karma Rescue at Facebook.

Tabitha would appreciate it if you would share her appeal for Guapo, and hopes someone will give him a caring foster or forever home.


Guapo LOVES catnip!

Guapo loves attention!

Guapo LOVES being brushed!



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